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Premium manufacturer Armada announces its giant new 438,000 square foot facility

Armada Nutrition Second Facility

Premium supplement manufacturer Armada Nutrition formulates and produces multi-ingredient powder and capsule products, and does custom processing and packaging. It is the sister company of Prinova, which is responsible for premium ingredients like CitraPeak and NeuroBloom, and Armada has an absolutely giant state-of-the-art facility, measuring 350,000 square-free, located in Spring Hill, Tennessee,

In the second quarter of next year, Armada Nutrition is greatly expanding its production ability with a second manufacturing facility in the US. The company expects it to be completely operational by quarter two, and it will be located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility is going to be even larger than its first, at 438,000 square feet, and is set to make Armada the biggest manufacturer in the country regarding output and capacity.

Armada Nutrition president Brent Laffey, who is also the hard-working CEO of Carbon Culture Gym, says “Our approach with Armada has been to offer the speed, service, and innovation that the industry demands while delivering the quality and safety standard you would expect from a publicly-traded company.”

With the supplement industry growing at pace, and that goes for the massive number of companies coming to market and ever-expanding consumer base, Armada Nutrition’s expansion is needed. Once again, the manufacturer’s second US facility is due to be operational in the second quarter of next year, anywhere between six to nine months away, and for more information, you can reach out via Armada’s website.

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