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Arms Race is releasing Stabilize spin-offs, one for men and another for women

Arms Race Stabilize For Him Stabilize For Her

Stabilize is Arms Race Nutrition’s hormone health supplement, featuring a variety of reliable ingredients for a comprehensive blend of benefits. The product is formulated to support hormone balance, strength, libido, reduced stress, and better sleep and recovery. It packs a solid 2.1g of Lepidamax maca, 200mg of DIM, 1.2g of the GDA berberine, and 120mg of Shoden ashwagandha.

Arms Race Nutrition designed the current Stabilize for use by both men and women; however, in the coming months, the brand is going to go a little more in-depth and release two separate versions. The original Stabilize is due to be replaced by Stabilize For Him, a product specifically for males, and Stabilize For Her, featuring a different set of ingredients and dosages for women.

From what we know, hormone health and balancing will still be the main focus for the supplements, with other benefits and goals likely alongside that, similar to the first Stabilize. There is no set date for when Stabilize For Him and Stabilize For Her will be rolling out, but it’s definitely a great move from Arms Race Nutrition, especially with the rise in female-specific hormone products.