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Recovery Aminos flavor Pink Lemonade coming to BEAM Pre-Workout next week

Beam Pink Lemonade Pre Workout

In just under one week, on Wednesday the 13th of this month, the reputable and well-put-together lifestyle brand BEAM is releasing another flavor of its stimulant pre-workout simply named BEAM Pre-Workout. That supplement is one of the few in the brand’s lineup it’s added to the most, with the latest addition expanding its menu to a strong total of five flavors.

The option coming to BEAM Pre-Workout is completely new for the product, although it is something fans of the brand will already be familiar with. BEAM has basically taken a flavor from its EAA-based supplement Recovery Aminos in Pink Lemonade and brought it over to Pre-Workout, and that is the new taste fans can look forward to getting their hands on next week.

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