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Body Science creates another premium collagen formula for beauty and joint health

Body Science Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra

Australian supplement company Body Science already has a collagen-based product on the market in the form of Collagen Regenerate, geared towards supporting joint mobility, comfort, and health. The long-running brand has come out with a second collagen-powered supplement Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra, built to provide more beauty benefits.

Body Science’s Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra promises to support joint health, similar to Collagen Regenerate, although, as mentioned, it is a beauty-focused product too. The supplement comes with ingredients to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, the usual collagen benefits, as well as skin elasticity and joint, tendon, and ligament health.

Body Science has brought together quite the premium blend of features for Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra, including the LactoSpore blend of probiotics, providing 1.9 billion CFUs a serving. There is also 5g each of the researched Tendoforte and Fortigel hydrolyzed collagen, then finally, 2.7g of Verisol collagen, proven to improve skin appearance and health.

Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra is really a step up from Body Science’s Collagen Regenerate, as it supports the same benefits plus the beauty side; it even has the same amount of Tendoforte. The health and wellness product is available now in Australia in the one Vanilla flavor, and directly from the brand, it’ll cost you $59.95 (45.07 USD) for a bag of 30 servings.