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Celebrate Bodylab’s birthday with a box of unknown and half-price popular products

Bodylab Birthday Box 2021

The popular and extensive brand Bodylab from Denmark is celebrating its 18th birthday this month, and it has, of course, put together something special for the occasion. The supplement company hasn’t gone as deep as an exclusive, limited flavor of Whey 100 protein powder like it did for its 17th birthday, but it’s still something fun and interesting for fans.

Through until this coming Thursday on its website, Bodylab is selling its special edition Birthday Box, which will cost you 249 DKK (38.80 USD), although everything inside combines for 499 DKK in value. The brand is basically giving you a selection of its more popular products at half price, with the catch being Bodylab does not tell you exactly what’s in the Birthday Box.

The only item Bodylab confirms is in every single Birthday Box is a small 400g bag of its Whey 100 protein powder in Vanilla Milkshake and a standard plastic shaker bottle. The bundle is essentially a lucky dip, which certainly adds some fun to the shopping experience, and at 249 DKK, it’s not hugely expensive, and you know you’re at least getting popular products in it.

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