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BPN gives fans a dedicated electrolyte supplement for hydration and performance

Bpn Electrolytes

There aren’t many holes in Bare Performance Nutrition’s selection of supplements, with the brand better known as BPN, already covering many of the popular and competitive categories. The brand has recently filled one of those gaps in its lineup with a type of product we’ve seen more and more of over the past few years in a dedicated hydration supplement.

The simply named Electrolytes is the newest innovation from BPN, which is an electrolyte product featuring key ingredients such as pink Himalayan salt and premium TRAACS chelated minerals. Altogether, the formula aims to comprehensively support hydration to in turn improve and enhance performance and endurance, and the supplement is naturally sweetened.

BPN Electrolytes packs more than your usual 30 servings per tub at 50, and that is 50 full servings, so the brand is recommending double scooping, which would bring your servings down to 25. There are three flavors available for the product in Salted Watermelon, Raspberry, and Lemon Lime, and directly through BPN’s website they’ll cost $39.99 each.