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Bulk gives fans a zero-calorie syrup to spice up your morning coffee

Bulk Barista Syrup

The giant international brand Bulk, originally named Bulk Powders, has taken a page out of Skinny Food Co’s book or at least done something similar to one of its popular products in Barista Zero Calorie Syrup. Bulk has revealed and released Zero Calorie Barista Syrup, designed to spice up your morning coffee or really any hot beverage without the guilt.

Bulk’s Zero Calorie Barista Syrup is a large one-liter bottle of flavored syrup that doesn’t have any sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. The idea is you add it to your coffee for extra sweetness, and as mentioned, without any calories. The product comes in four different flavors, all fitting for a coffee in Caramel, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and the sweet Italian liqueur Amaretto.

You can grab one or all of Bulk’s four flavors of Zero Calorie Barista Syrup through its online store, and it is slightly more expensive than Skinny Food Co’s similar syrup competitor at £8.49 (11.67 USD).

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