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Bulk’s peanut-based nut butter now comes in actual flavors with three to choose from

Bulk Peanut Butter Flavors

The giant UK company Bulk has expanded its selection of peanut butter this week, giving fans twice as many options to choose from than what it already had available. Previously the brand had peanut-based nut butter in traditional smooth and crunchy varieties and two slightly different flavors or technically versions, with coconut peanut butter and four seed peanut butter.

Bulk’s clean and nutritious peanut butter is now available in actual flavors, meaning options with flavoring rather than added ingredients like coconut and seeds. Those flavors are Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate & Raspberry, and Cookies & Cream. They’re all in stock on the brand’s website and cost £7.99 each, which is just under the coconut and four seed peanut butter.

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