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BCAA-infused Celsius energy drink is getting a new but traditional flavor

Celsius Blue Razz Bcaa Energy

Since introducing the product a couple of years ago at the Olympia Expo in 2019, beverage brand Celsius has not added to its amino-infused energy drink BCAA + Energy. However, that does look like it’s changing soon, with the company set to come out with its first new flavor for the product since its debut, and it appears to be a relatively traditional taste.

When Celsius first brought BCAA + Energy to market, it had three flavors to choose from in Tart Cherry Lime, Tropical Twist, and Blood Orange, all featuring 2.5g of BCAAs and 100mg of caffeine. An upcoming flavor has now been confirmed, introducing the classic Blue Razz Celsius BCAA + Energy, providing a sweet and refreshing mix of blueberry and raspberry.

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