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Celsius brings back last year’s Blueberry Frost as its Winter Edition for 2021

Celsius Blueberry Frost Return For 2021

Winter Edition is a series of flavors from the Swedish side of the beverage company Celsius. It is where the brand releases a limited-time flavor for its flagship energy drink each year, around Winter in Sweden. It all started a few years ago in 2018 with Ginger Ale, followed by Frozen Berry in 2019, which is now a permanent flavor, then we got Blueberry Frost in 2020.

Celsius Sweden has now unveiled its 2021 Winter Edition beverage, and it looks as though it is repeating itself for the first time in the series’ short-lived history. The limited-time taste the brand has announced for this year is Blueberry Frost, the same as the Winter Edition energy drink we got last year, still featuring zero sugar and a reliable 200mg of caffeine for energy.

Blueberry Frost as the Winter Edition for 2021 is a bit anticlimactic, especially being a flavor we have seen before and after getting a completely new flavor for Winter every year since Ginger Ale. Celsius in Sweden may still surprise us with another limited edition in addition to the return of Blueberry Frost; either way, the product is rolling out to shelves soon.

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