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CBUM Series protein powder keeps it simple with a lean whey isolate formula

Raw Nutrition Iso Protein

Alongside Thavage Pre-Workout, Chris Bumstead and his brand Raw Nutrition have launched one other CBUM Series supplement with the premium, whey isolate-based protein powder ISO-Protein. Compared to Thavage, ISO-Protein is a much more straightforward product, not featuring anywhere near as many moving parts and ingredients.

Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition’s ISO-Protein packs the usual 25g of protein per serving, and as mentioned, it all comes from premium, lean, and fast-absorbing whey isolate. The rest of its nutrition profile is impressively low, like many other protein powders powered by whey isolate with 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of sugar, no fat, and 110 calories.

The price of a 1.7lb tub of the CBUM Series ISO-Protein is $49.99, the same as Thavage Pre-Workout, and that 1.7lb is enough powder to provide you 25 full servings. There are two flavors currently available for Chris Bumstead’s own collection of supplements with Raw Nutrition, and they are Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie and Cinnamon Crunch Cereal.

There is a way to save a bit of money on both of the Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition products using Bumstead’s own coupon code “CBUM”. That’ll get you a reasonable 15% discount and drop Thavage Pre-Workout and ISO-Protein to $42.50, and something we ourselves put to good use earlier today.