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Core puts TUDCA, Setria and more into Core Liver for comprehensive support

Core Nutritionals Core Liver

The last two supplements in Core Nutritionals health and wellness-focused Lifeline Series have rolled out this week, with one of those being the liver support product Core Liver. Similar to the other supplements in the line, Core Liver features a complete and comprehensive blend of ingredients to support its primary goal of detoxification and overall liver health.

Core Nutritionals’ Core Liver is one of the few products out there with the premium liver health ingredient TUDCA, and it’s not the only entry in the formula. The reputable brand has combined a solid dose of TUDCA at 250mg in a three capsule serving with a handful of others; all included for that main goal of comprehensively protecting and supporting liver health.

Core Nutritionals Core Liver Label

Alongside TUDCA, Core Nutritionals’ latest Lifeline Series supplement has 1.26g of milk thistle, providing 80% silymarin, 400mg of katuki extract, and 250mg of premium Setria branded glutathione. To round out the Core Liver formula, the brand has also thrown in the absorption enhancing ingredient BioPerine black pepper at one of its more common amounts in 10mg.

All of the products in Core Nutritionals’ Lifeline Series are priced at $54.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, which is, of course, the case again for the dedicated liver health supplement, Core Liver. To celebrate its arrival, the brand is running the sale it had for the other items in the collection with any two Lifeline products at $100, working out to $50 each instead of $55.