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Core continues its comprehensive Lifeline Series approach for prostate health this Monday

Core Nutritionals Lifeline Prostate

This week saw the launch of Core Nutritionals’ first entry in the Lifeline Series with Core Gut, a supplement completely dedicated to supporting and improving gut health and digestion. The collection consists of a total of five products, and to get everyone excited, the brand has confirmed what Lifeline supplement is dropping next and the ingredients that are in it.

Core Prostate is the second entry in the Lifeline Series, and like Core Gut and the other three products in the collection, it is formulated to provide comprehensive support for its specific health and wellness category. Core Prostate features ingredients to help urinary functionality and flow, maintain prostate size and aid in prostate function, and support healthy hormone levels.

We know the ingredients in Core Prostate but not the dosages, however knowing Core Nutritionals, you can count on everything being included at an effective or reliable amount. The formula is made up of saw palmetto, flax seed extract, DIM, stinging nettle, beta-sitosterol, pygeum bark extract, lycopene, pumpkin seed oil, and premium Albion boroganic glycine.

Once again, Core Prostate is the Lifeline Series supplement Core Nutritionals plans on launching next, following its dedicated gut health product Core Gut. Core Prostate is actually due to release precisely a week after Core Gut on Monday of next week, directly through the brand’s online store, and there will be some sort of celebratory introductory sale.