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Darkside dropping a Krazy Kola Ultra Pre Xtreme in line with the reopening of gyms

Darkside Krazy Kola Ultra Pre Extreme

With gyms currently getting ready to re-open down under in Australia, Darkside has put together something special to help celebrate fans’ return to the iron. In the coming days, the reputable brand is releasing another flavor of its packed out stimulant pre-workout Ultra Pre Xtreme, and while it is not common for supplements in the US, it is internationally.

In Australia, Darkside has several flavors to choose from for Ultra Pre Xtreme, including non-traditional options like Gummy Bears, Kandy Krush, and Kreaming Kandy. Joining that strong menu that already has a total of seven different flavors is Krazy Kola, which the brand says is a candy-like experience similar to the classic sour coke bottle gummy candy.

Once again, Darkside’s Krazy Kola Ultra Pre Xtreme will be out and available within the next few days, and featuring all of the pre-workouts regular highlights such as 4g of pure citrulline, 300mg of alpha-GPC, and a reliable 320mg of caffeine.