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Got7 puts a moderate 5g of protein and 113 calories into each of its Protein Cookies

Got7 Nutrition Protein Cookie

Over the weekend, as promised, Got7 Nutrition launched its latest protein snack creation with the simply named Got7 Protein Cookie, although judging by pictures and descriptions, it is not your typical high-protein cookie. The always creative company has ensured its competitor has a more realistic crumbly and crunchy cookie consistency, and to sweeten the experience, it is covered in chocolate.

With Got7 Nutrition’s Protein Cookie now available, we now know the macros you’re getting when diving into a bite of the product. It comes in packets of two cookies, each weighing a light 25g, and made with ingredients like milk chocolate, soy protein crisps, and wheat flour. The two cookies combined provide 10.4g of protein, 24g of carbohydrates, just 4g of sugar, 11.6g of fat, and 226 calories.

You can buy the all-new and tasty-looking Protein Cookie directly from Got7 Nutrition through its website at €2.29 (2.67 USD), which, as mentioned, is for a pack of two, working out €1.14 (1.33 USD) each. The product is heading to all of the German brand’s usual stores and stockists throughout Europe, so if you don’t want to go direct, it will be available at your preferred place sometime soon.