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Sour Creepy Crawlies flavor comes to OxyShred Hardcore for Halloween

Ehp Labs Sour Creepy Crawlies Oxyshred Hardcore

EHP Labs is no stranger to special edition, limited-time flavors; in fact, more often than not, that’s what we see when it comes to news and developments from the popular Australian brand. With Halloween going down in just a few days, this coming Sunday, EHP is back with another limited-edition flavor completely themed around the spooky time of year.

Now available directly from EHP Labs’ online store is a candy flavor called Sour Creepy Crawlies, and it is for the brand’s more advanced version of its signature weight loss supplement with OxyShred Hardcore. As mentioned, you can grab the scary, new, and temporary Sour Creepy Crawlies OxyShred Hardcore from EHP’s website at $59.95 for a full-size tub.

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