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Freak Label suspends its hardcore brand to introduce something for a larger audience

Freak Label Announces Nootramine

The hardcore Russian supplement company Freak Label is known for its mostly simple selection of products, including standalone formulas featuring the likes of DMAA, yohimbine, whey protein, and GABA. The brand also has some more complex, advanced supplements, such as its pre-workout #MOSTHATED, the nootropic Kill’m’All, and the amino Hydr8ed.

Freak Label has made a major announcement this week, revealing that it’s temporarily suspended the brand, and if you head to its website, you’ll see that all of the products are no longer available. Of course, there is a reason as to why Freak Label has made the move, and it’s actually quite an interesting one involving a change in direction for the brand.

The goal of Freak Label was to give supplement fans something intense, hardcore, and in many of its products, hard-hitting. It now feels it has reached the limit of that approach, and it’s time to head down a different path without the Freak Label name. The brand’s CEO has announced the coming of Nootramine, a line of supplements for a wider audience.

Nootramine has said it will still have well-put-together formulas like Freak Label and hit mainstream categories, which it will name the products after, such as Pre-Workout for a pre-workout and Protein for a protein powder. More details are going to be shared in the coming weeks, leading up to the launch of Nootramine sometime next month in November.

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