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Ghost hints at some sort of collaboration with the hit film Space Jam

Ghost X Space Jam

Unique and creative collaborations are something Ghost is known for, teaming up with popular foods such as Warheads, Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Sour Patch Kids. All of those collaborations have been with athletes or something where there is already a taste attached compared to the likes of G Fuel, where it creates a flavor for the topic or character, such as Crash Bandicoot’s Wumpa Fruit and Sonic’s Peach Rings.

Ghost has just teased what might be its first non-food collaboration, which we’re suspecting to be a partnership for a special edition flavor for one of its supplements. You can see a frame from the teaser in the image above where you get Ghost’s logo infused with that of the hit film Space Jam. That’s more than enough for us to think we’re getting a Space Jam flavor for a Ghost supplement, although we are only speculating.

Ghosts Secret Stuff

This isn’t the first nod to Space Jam Ghost has done; in fact, you may remember way back in the lead up to the launch of Ghost Size, the brand’s beta tub was themed around that of Michael’s Secret Stuff. It was called Ghost’s Secret Stuff, but it had all of the same colors and style as Michael’s Secret Stuff from the original Space Jam starring Michael Jordan.

Regardless of what this turns out to be, coming from our Brand Of The Year for 2020, you know it’s going to be something fun, different, and a product you’ll want to try. Once again, we are only speculating on the teaser relating to a Ghost and Space Jam supplement, as it could very easily be something else like an accessory, apparel, or some sort of cross-promotion.

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