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Gigas house brand continues the cream of rice trend with a product identical to Gods Rage’s

Gn Labs Cream Of Rice

It was only yesterday we posted another cream of rice supplement from the German company Gods Rage, with Rice Pudding Instant Meal, featuring sifted rice flour, and that is it. Another brand from the same country has done the exact same thing with the house brand GN Labs, from the major German health and nutrition retailer, Gigas Nutrition.

GN Labs’ has named its cream of rice product Reis Grieß Pudding, which from our understanding loosely translates to rice grit pudding, and like the Gods Rage supplement, it features only sifted rice flour. It has absolutely no flavors or sweeteners, with a 50g serving providing 41.5g of carbohydrates, 7.7g of protein, under a gram of fat, and 186 calories.

Reis Grieß Pudding from GN Labs is essentially identical to Gods Rage’s Rice Pudding Instant Meal, featuring the same amount of powder per tub at 3kgs, and it costs exactly the same at €26.90 (31.33 USD) from Gigas Nutrition.