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HealthyCo adds to its growing selection of clean and nutritious nut butters

Healthy Co Crunchy Almond Coconut Butter

HealthyCo from Sweden already has plenty of functional products and healthy foods on the market, including jams, juices, condiments, chocolate spreads, cooking oils, and nut butters. The aim of most of the brand’s items isn’t to be high in protein or necessarily low in calories, it’s more about clean and healthier alternatives with highlights like no palm oil and no added sugar.

This month HealthyCo is adding to its selection of clean and nutritious nut butters, which already had entries such as creamy and crunchy peanut butter, mixed nut butter, and almond butter. Now also included in that lineup is a cashew-based butter in the traditional crunchy style, and something a little different in a crunchy almond butter infused with coconut cream flakes.

Both of HealthyCo’s new nut butters are out and available in Sweden and continue the brand’s clean and healthy approach, with neither Crunchy Cashew Butter or Crunchy Coconut Almond Butter having any added sugar and really only the nuts in their names as ingredients.

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