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HR Labs swaps an ingredient in its pump capsule Ride On and raises its price a bit

Hr Labs Ride On With Cellflo6

Ride On is HR Labs’ blood flow support supplement, featuring six main ingredients to enhance muscle pumps, improve natural energy, and help with drive and sexual health. It is quite a unique product, very different from most other stimulant-free pump supplements, mostly due to that more diverse approach, providing benefits outside of just pumps.

From the start of next week, HR Labs will have a slightly different version of Ride On available, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages with one difference. You still get 2.1g of Lepidimax branded maca, a solid dose of pomegranate, 300mg of Blackvcube black ginger, AstraGin, and BioPerine, with the tweak coming to the original’s one gram of Vaso6.

HR Labs has simply removed Vaso6 and put in the all-new CellFlo6 at the same one-gram dose, and as far as we know, this is the first product to market with CellFlo6. One more difference with the second iteration of Ride On is on the manufacturing side of things, with the brand’s cost of production going up, so the supplement is about 8% more than before.

You can pre-order HR Labs’ CellFlo6 powered Ride On through its website at £47.99 (65.96 USD), but as mentioned, it is not much of a pre-order as the pump product is arriving tomorrow and shipping out to fans as soon as possible.

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