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Greg Doucette pairs turkesterone with ashwagandha for HTLT’s Turk Builder

Htlt Turk Builder

Turkesterone and ecdysterone supplements have become increasingly popular this year, with many brands coming out with standalone products featuring one or both. A few companies have taken a slightly more advanced approach and combined them with one or two other ingredients for even more muscle-building support, which is exactly what Greg Doucette’s brand has done.

Despite only launching within the last few months, Greg Doucette’s HTLT Supplements has been growing and developing a fair bit, and to start the month of October, it has introduced Turk Builder. As the name suggests, HTLT’s Turk Builder is a turkesterone-based muscle-building product with added vitamin E, a moderate 200mg of ashwagandha, and 5mg of BioPerine to enhance absorption.

Greg Doucette and HTLT Supplements roll all of those ingredients together into a single capsule serving, with each bottle Turk Builder having 60 capsules. The brand directs users to throw down two to three capsules a day, so it’ll last you the typical 30 days or a full month when taking two capsules a day, although only 20 days if you decide to bump up to that three a day dose.

Directly through the HTLT Supplements website, Turk Builder will cost you $39.99 for a single bottle, with strong discounts offered when buying its three or five-bottle bundles. The brand drops the price of the muscle-building product down to $33.33 each when purchasing the three-pack and $29.99 each for the more cost-effective five-bottle-bundle.