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Kaged is working on a protein bar but doesn’t plan on dropping it until next year

Kaged Muscle Protein Bar

The energy drink market has seen a massive surge of new entries over the past year from international, fairly new, and veteran supplement companies with many different energy supporting formulas. Another category that has seen an increase in interest over a slightly longer period of time is the functional food space, an area Kris Gethin’s longtime brand is about to get into.

Kris Gethin and Kaged Muscle have come out and revealed that they are indeed working on some sort of high-protein bar for release sometime next year. The brand is currently debating on whether or not to make the first-ever Kaged Muscle Protein Bar lower in sugar and use sucralose, or slightly higher in sugar without relying on sucralose and making it with honey.

Either way the brand goes, it is specifically referring to the Kaged Muscle Protein Bar as more of a meal replacement product, suggesting it will have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, with suitable calories. The inclusion of honey also hints that it’s potentially a real food snack, a style most brands go with these days, using the likes of peanut butter, whey, and honey.

The Kaged Muscle Protein Bar is still a while away, as mentioned, the brand is shooting for a launch somewhere in 2022, so don’t expect to see it on shelves anytime soon.

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