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Pharmafreak shares a closer look at Mental Freak and it will have a mood ring inside

Pharmafreak Mental Freak Up Next

PharmaFreak recently debuted its unique and hybrid line of supplements, the Red Label Series, starting with its nootropic-infused creatine-based muscle builder Creatine Freak Red Label. It brings together 1.5g each of creatine HCl and tried and true creatine monohydrate, and lion’s mane to support focus, with the reputable GDA super berberine also in the mix.

To keep the momentum for PharmaFreak rolling, it has come and let fans know what Red Label Series product is dropping next and roughly when it’ll be available. Mental Freak is the second supplement in the line to roll out, which is one of the two we’re most excited about, and thankfully with the announcement, the brand has passed on a better look at the product.

You can see PharmaFreak’s Red Label Series Mental Freak in the image above, where it has indeed kept those unique callouts on the front of its packaging from its initial render. That includes the words “Love Your Flaws” and “F*ck Haters”, and something else you’ll notice that’s finalized and confirmed is the supplement will have an actual mood ring inside the box.

The inclusion of a mood ring is a fun and fitting touch, as Mental Freak is PharmaFreak’s Red Label product to support stress, focus, and mood, which you can gauge with the ring. Another detail that’s come to light is we now know the supplement’s main ingredients, although not their dosages with Suntheanine, enXtra, and premium KSM-66 ashwagandha.

PharmaFreak is currently planning to launch its second Red Label Series product in about three weeks on Sunday the 21st of next month, and as always, directly through its online store.