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Pharmafreak’s Red Label Series begins with Creatine Freak and Mental Freak not far behind

Pharmafreak Launches Red Label Creatine Freak

The first supplement in Pharmafreak’s entirely new collection of hybrid products, the Red Label Series, has made its way to market this week and is now available for purchase through the brand’s official online store. That supplement is the Red Label version of Pharmafreak’s creatine formula Creatine Freak, and like others in the series, there is a lot more to it than the one category of feature.

Pharmafreak’s Red Label Creatine Freak combines two sources of creatine in tried and true monohydrate and HCl, at 1.5g each per daily dose, plus the GDA super berberine and the nootropic lion’s mane. Multiple effects and benefits are something each of the products in the Red Label Series is said to have, with Creatine Freak having that blend of strength, glucose management, and focus.

The all-new Creatine Freak under the Red Label Series, as mentioned, is available for purchase from Pharmafreak’s website at $44.99 for a bottle of 40 servings, although to get those dosages, you’ll need two servings a day, getting you 20 days from a bottle. The next Red Label supplement is apparently not far behind Creatine Freak and is expected to be the promising nootropic Mental Freak.