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Muscle Beach bringing Shawn Rhoden and several product previews to its first Olympia

Muscle Beach And Shawn Rhoden At Olympia

Muscle Beach Nutrition made a lot of noise this year when it came out with its nitrate-loaded pre-workout Pumping Iron, which we found out firsthand delivers the best pumps we’ve seen in a stimulant pre-workout. Another big move the brand made in 2021 was to bring on board an all-new flagship athlete in Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden.

We’ve simply seen more out of Muscle Beach Nutrition this year, and with three months before 2022, it has another move up its sleeve, and that is attending its first Mr. Olympia. The brand is one of the many supplement companies exhibiting at the event taking place in Orlando this weekend, and it will be hard to miss, as it’s right at the front of the convention center.

Muscle Beach Nutrition is, of course, bringing its star athlete Shawn Rhoden, giving fans attending the Mr. Olympia Expo the chance to get up close with the champion. Also at the brand’s booth will be samples of its pump-powering pre-workout Pumping Iron and previews of several upcoming products, including an intra-workout, fat burner, and creatine.