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Muscle Sport looks to recreate the Dunkaroos experience in its DippsADoodle flavor

Muscle Sports Dippsadoodle Lean Whey

This Friday, Muscle Sport is releasing another creative flavor of its flagship Lean Whey protein powder, something it’s become known for ever since introducing its original Lucky Charms cereal product Lean Charms. The brand’s latest effort continues that creativity and nostalgic theme with a flavor inspired by the classic Dunkaroos cookie snack.

Muscle Sport has taken the interactive frosting dipped cookie and turned it into a flavor of Lean Whey called DippsADoodle, with the brand also giving the product a 90s-style color scheme and branding. As far as we know, this flavor is not a limited edition, or at least it’s not being promoted that way, so it’s something you can continuously expect to see.

As mentioned, Muscle Sport is making its DippsADoodle Lean Whey available for purchase through its website this coming Friday; however, some of its retail partners already have it in stock and on shelves, including the reliable and entertaining team at The Nutrition Store.