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Nutrabio adds Cherry Limeade to its intra-workouts Leg Day and Intra Blast

Nutrabio Cherry Limeade Intra Blast Leg Day

At last week’s Block Party event hosted by the reliable retailer Natural Body, Nutrabio debuted a fresh new flavor for its powerhouse intra-workout product Leg Day. The new addition to the supplement’s menu was certainly great to see as Leg Day has been available in the same two tastes since its launch earlier this year with Sweet Tea and Blueberry Lemonade.

Joining those original tastes for Nutrabio’s intra-workout Leg Day was somewhat of a classic two-part flavor in Cherry Limeade, which has now been released outside of Natural Body through the brand’s website. That product has not arrived alone, with Nutrabio also dropping Cherry Limeade for another one of its packed out intra-workouts in the longer-running Intra Blast.

You can purchase both or either Cherry Limeade Leg Day and Cherry Limeade Intra Blast directly from Nutrabio through its online store at $54.99 for the former and $44.99 for the latter.

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