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Panda targets the high-stimulant market with its next all-new pre-workout

Panda Supps Previews Rampage Pre Workout

The still relatively new and up-and-coming Panda Supplements covers many different supplement categories, although one area it has a few additional competitors is the saturated world of pre-workouts. The growing brand has its original Fierce Pre-Workout, the all-natural version simply referred to as Fierce Natural, and the more recent “extreme” and balanced experience, Pandamic.

Coming soon from Panda Supplements is yet another pre-workout named Rampage, and like those other three mentioned, this one will also feature stimulants. The point of difference in Rampage is Panda has formulated it for a more intense, hardcore experience, which is similar to Pandamic; however, Rampage won’t be as balanced with a formula leaning more towards energy and focus.

Rampage sounds like Panda Supplements’ answer to the high-stimulant sub-category of pre-workouts, something that’s been growing over the years, but more so these past one or two. The brand hasn’t said anything about what’s going into the product, only that, as mentioned, it’ll be a high energy and focus pre-workout, so you can probably look forward to a good amount of stimulants.