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Performax does a few additions, removals and tweaks for its 2021 edition of OxyMax

Performax Labs Oxymax

Performax Labs has shared the formula behind the next rebranded and revamped supplement it plans on launching, which, as confirmed last week, is its effective fat burner OxyMax. The brand hasn’t made quite as many changes as it did for HyperMax, although while there is a fair amount, it still aims to deliver its comprehensive blend of benefits, all to improve and support weight loss.

Performax Labs’ 2021 edition of OxyMax is formulated to increase and enhance energy, mood, metabolism, and thermogenesis in a similar sort of balance to the previous version. The product isn’t absolutely loaded with stimulants, but enough to give you some uplifting and long-lasting stimulation, especially if you split the daily dose to one serving in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Performax Labs Oxymax Label

We’ve added the facts panel for Performax Labs’ revamped OxyMax in the image above, with the ingredients no longer in there being hordenine, higenamine, and coleus. The brand has added just as many new features, including citrus aurantium, ProGBB branded GBB, 50mg of Cocoabuterol, 33% more eria jarensis, and a combination of caffeine sources, instead of it all coming from anhydrous.

Performax Labs has made a few tweaks for the latest iteration of OxyMax with some features staying the same like 2mg of alpha yohimbine; essentially it’s refreshed the formula and brought it up to the modern market. On paper, we suspect it to be just as good if not even better than the previous one, so if you’re a fan of the most recent version of the weight loss supplement, you likely won’t be disappointed.

The revamped OxyMax is currently slated to launch next week through the Performax Labs website, and if it’s anything like its last few rebranded releases, there will be some sort of deal or even a matching accessory to go with the debut.