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Rage promises more intense energy and focus in its new pre-workout dropping next month

Rage Nutrition Immortal X Black

Immortal X is one of the two supplements available from the up-and-coming Rage Nutrition, with its other item being the equally well-formulated and stimulant-free VasoPeak X. Immortal is a balanced pre-workout built for a comprehensive blend of benefits, while VasoPeak, as mentioned, is stimulant-free and all about enhancing muscle pumps.

Next month, around Black Friday, Rage Nutrition is introducing its third supplement, and like the other two, it is going to be for the highly competitive pre-workout category. The product will be named Immortal X Black, so a spin-off of its already available Immortal X, however, it is going to have a crucial difference, and that is in the stimulant department.

The upcoming Immortal X Black is set to be Rage Nutrition’s more intense, higher-stimulant pre-workout, offering more on the energy and focus side of things. The brand has not said anything about the ingredients or dosages you can look forward to in the more hardcore supplement, only that it’ll deliver stronger stimulation than Immortal X.

Rage Nutrition plans on sharing more information for Immortal X Black as we get closer to that late November launch, which isn’t all that far away at about six or seven weeks. It should be interesting to see how the product turns out, especially with the brand being so young and undoubtedly looking to be competitive.