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Newcomer Reinventu launches an energy shot but doesn’t list the amount of caffeine

Reinventu Energy Shot

With its two energy drinks still listed as coming soon on its website, one carbonated and the other flat with natural caffeine, Reinventu has gone ahead and released a similar but separate product. The brand has put together another energizing drink, although instead of coming in a slim and sleek can, this one fits right into your pocket with the Reinventu Energy Shot.

Reinventu’s compact and on-the-go Energy Shot features a relatively straightforward combination of main ingredients with B vitamins and a 2.2g blend of taurine, caffeine, phenylalanine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and glucuronolactone. The brand does not mention the exact amount of caffeine per shot, only saying it is about the same as a cup of premium brewed coffee.

Oddly, there is one other ingredient in the Energy Shot that Reinventu chose to list all on its own instead of putting into that 2.2g blend with the nootropic alpha-GPC, dosed at an incredibly low 6mg. You can purchase the convenient 60ml product from the brand’s website in just the one Berry flavor for now at $27.99 for a case of a dozen shots, which is $2.33 each.