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Sour Nightmare Fuel returns for Halloween but as an exclusive to G Fuel’s app

Sour Nightmare Fuel G Fuel

It turns out G Fuel has more than just its all-new Candy Corn flavor for Halloween this year; it’s also brought back one of the products is put together for All Hallow’s Eve in 2020. Making its return in the lead up to the end of the month is Sour Nightmare Fuel, featuring the same spooky clown and circus illustration in the background as it did last year.

While Candy Corn is a completely new flavor experience, G Fuel’s Sour Nightmare Fuel is not, even last year it wasn’t, as it’s actually a limited edition reskin of the FaZe Rug collaboration Sour Chug Rug. For its second coming, Sour Nightmare Fuel is somewhat of an exclusive, as you can now purchase it, but only through the official G Fuel mobile app.

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