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Brand Of The Decade to be crowned in our 10th annual Brand Of The Year Awards

Stack3d Brand Of The Decade

At the end of this year, we are holding our annual Brand Of The Year Awards, something we’ve been doing for many years. We’ve seen several supplement companies take home the title, with only one to do it twice, and that was Redcon1. We recently added categories on top of our overall brand award, including Functional, International, and Newcomer Of The Year, and starting this year; we have Energy Drink Brand Of The Year.

This year’s Brand Of The Year Awards is actually going to be a bit of a milestone for Stack3d, as it will be the tenth time we’ve held them. To mark the occasion, we are doing something we have been thinking about for many years, and that is a multiple-year winner. To close out 2021, we are including a Brand Of The Decade category in our annual awards, and obviously, being that it’s based on the decade, it won’t be back for a while.

Unlike all of our other Brand Of The Year awards, Brand Of The Decade will have different criteria. We are judging supplement companies on their consistency over the past ten years, how relevant they’ve been, and how they’ve evolved with the times. There is no cut-off on age; however, it is Brand Of The Decade, so those that have been building their reputation and doing things well for longer will have more to take into account.

This is going to be an incredibly prestigious award and something we put a lot of thought and discussion into. With our Brand Of The Year Awards turning ten years old, we were already extremely excited, and now with the addition of Brand Of The Decade, we can’t wait to truly honor one of our industry’s leaders.

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