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UFIT introduces the new and improved version of its plant-based protein shake

Ufit Revamped Vegan Protein Shake

The UK-based brand UFIT has a great selection of on-the-go protein shakes with various sizes featuring different amounts of protein, a collagen-powered milkshake, and a plant-based protein RTD. It is that last item on that list the brand has decided to rework for 2021, giving it a fresh new look and, according to its marketing, an improved experience.

UFIT is promoting its refreshed vegan protein shake as completely new and improved, although still packing a reasonable 15g of protein a bottle, all from plant-based pea protein. The rest of its macros almost make it a balanced meal shake, with the carbohydrates at 7.9g, most of that sugar at 7.2g, alongside a rather high 11.9g of fat, and a calorie count of 210.

Fans and followers of UFIT can pick up its updated vegan protein shake from its website at a discounted price of $7 for a pack of eight bottles, with only one flavor available at the moment in Chocolate Orange.

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