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Weider brings the fruit-flavored trend to the RTD market with Mango Madness

Weider Mango Madness

German supplement company Weider has a new ready-to-drink protein product entering the market in the near future, and it is very different from its already available Protein LowCarb shake. The upcoming item is Mango Madness Whey Protein Isolate, which essentially takes that clear and refreshing, fruit-flavored trend from protein powder and applies it to the on-the-go category.

In a single half-liter bottle, Weider’s Mango Madness Whey Protein Isolate RTD packs a solid 16g of protein, all from premium and lean whey isolate. Alongside that, you get only half a gram of fat, less than a gram of carbohydrates, and an impressive 73 calories. While the protein isn’t as high as your typical 25g of protein drink, the brand says it makes up for all of that in taste and texture.

The experience is one of the more significant focuses of Mango Madness Whey Protein Isolate, aiming for a sweet and strong mango flavor, all without any aftertaste or anything off-putting. The brand is hoping to have the supplement in hand next week, so fans in Europe can probably look forward to seeing it in all of Weider’s usual stores and stockists in the weeks to follow.