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Combat Energy drink debuts at Muscle & Strength with two cans for $1.50 each

Where To Buy Musclepharm Combat Energy Drink

MusclePharm’s long-awaited return to the energy beverage category, the Combat Energy drink, has debuted today in all three of its flavors, Green Apple, Grapefruit Lime, and Black Cherry. The product features 300mg of caffeine as its primary ingredient to give you a reliable lift in energy with B vitamins, no calories, and a low 600mg of BCAAs also in there.

MusclePharm said the Combat Energy drink would be available first through the supplement retailer Muscle and Strength, and that is indeed the case. From the store, the energy-boosting beverage has regular prices of $2.99 for a single 16oz can, or you can save a bit of money and grab a full case of a dozen cans at $29.99, which works out to $2.49 each.

Muscle and Strength is running a couple of deals for the launch of the Combat Energy drink, with savings available for cases and even more for individual cans. The promotion on a case of 12 cans drops that price of $29.99 to $23.99, although the single can sale is much stronger with a buy one get one free, bringing the product down to $1.50 each for two.