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XLNT follows its first-ever protein bar with a tasty high-protein premixed shake

Xlnt Sports Protein Milkshake

It was only yesterday we had MM Sports’ house brand XLNT Sports in the news regarding its first-ever protein bar, promising a delicious experience with 20g of protein per bar and no added sugar. A day later, the brand is back in headlines, introducing another on-the-go, high-protein product with the XLNT Protein Milkshake in two traditional and tasty flavors.

XLNT Sports Protein Milkshake has a solid 21g of protein in a moderately sized 250ml bottle mostly coming from milk, with 14g of carbohydrates, 13g of that sugar, 4g of fat, and 179 calories. Those macros are for the product’s Milk Chocolate flavor and only vary slightly for its Creamy Vanilla option with slightly fewer carbs and fat, and lower calories at 170.

Of course, with XLNT Sports being a house brand of the Swedish health and nutrition retailer MM Sports, that is the place to go to get your hands on its latest on-the-go protein product. Through its online store, the protein RTD isn’t all that expensive at 15 kr (1.76 USD) for a single shake, 11.9 kr (1.40 USD) each for 15, and 11.3 kr (1.33 USD) a shake when buying 30.