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XXL Nutrition puts a light 50mg of caffeine into lemon-flavored chewables

Xxl Nutrition Caffeine Chews

The ever-expanding European supplement retailer and brand XXL Nutrition has another new release, its third in about two weeks, although unlike the last two, this is not a N’Joy protein product. Caffeine Chews is the latest creation from the brand, and it is precisely what it’s called; a simple caffeine-based tablet supplement that you can conveniently chew on the go.

XXL Nutrition’s Caffeine Chews don’t pack a whole lot of caffeine in each of its 60 chewable tablets per bottle at 50mg each, so you’ll need to throw down about three or four to get up in the area of an energy drink. The chews are indeed flavor with only lemon to choose from at the moment, and from the brand’s website, a bottle will cost you €9.99 (11.58 USD).

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