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Alpha Lion releasing a Senactiv infused hydration supplement for Black Friday

Alpha Lion Superhuman Hydration

Alpha Lion has announced another extension of its Superhuman series of supplements with something for a category that has become more and consistently more popular over the past couple of years. The ever-growing brand is getting ready to jump into the dedicated hydration market with the straightforward and category named Superhuman Hydration.

Alpha Lion will be powering Superhuman Hydration with electrolytes for its primary benefit of supporting and improving hydration and claims to have ten times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks. Like many of the brand’s products, Superhuman Hydration will have a handful of premium ingredients, including Aquamin, TRAACS, and Albion minerals, and Senactiv to power performance.

Superhuman Hydration is going to be Alpha Lion’s launch for Black Friday, going live on its website on the 24th of this month, although only for those that sign up to its VIP text list. To do that, all you need to do is text “BFVIP” to 54699, and you’ll be notified as soon as the supplement goes live, and for those that don’t sign up, you’ll get a shot at Superhuman Hydration 24 hours later.

Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Hydration is going to launch with at least one flavor on its menu in the sweet lemonade recipe, Lemonardo Da Vinci, and it’ll have 50% more servings than the usual 30 at 45.