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Black Friday to bring a new flavor to Apollon’s hard-hitting Assassin

Apollon Killer Guava Matcha Tea Assassin

Currently, when it comes to Apollon Nutrition’s more intense and truly hardcore, stimulant-powered pre-workout Assassin, fans have two tastes to choose from. Those flavors are the same two the supplement launched with earlier this year in July in the classic strawberry and coconut combination Tiger’s Blood, and the seemingly snow cone or Bomb Pop-inspired Ninja’s Carnage.

Next week on Black Friday, Apollon Nutrition is giving fans a third flavor for its hard-hitting Assassin pre-workout. Tiger’s Blood and Ninja’s Carnage are going to be joined by the rather different and more self-explanatory recipe Killer Guava Matcha Tea. The brand is actually planning to make this flavor exclusive to its online store, so you won’t be seeing it in all of its usual retailers.