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50/50 Formula to be joined by another Apollon protein powered by whey isolate

Apollon Nutrition Isoblast

At the moment, Apollon Nutrition has only one protein powder on the market in 50/50 Formula, which has built quite the reputation for itself by featuring a transparent formula combined with tasty flavors. The supplement provides 24g of protein per serving, and the brand breaks down where that protein comes from on its label with 12.5g from whey isolate and the rest micellar casein.

In the coming weeks, Apollon Nutrition is releasing its second-ever protein powder, and like most brands that have a blend-style product, it is coming out with a more premium and fast-absorbing whey isolate. The upcoming supplement is appropriately named IsoBlast, providing a good amount of protein per serving, all coming from whey isolate, and alongside a typically lean nutrition profile.

Apollon Nutrition is planning to fit the launch of IsoBlast somewhere within the next couple of months, so before the close of 2021. The hardcore supplement company has already had an absolutely massive year, pumping out several new products and reformulations. IsoBlast will be another important drop and give the brand’s fans that all-important bigger variety when it comes to protein.