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Applied’s BCAA-based beverage with and without caffeine arrives in the UK

Applied Nutrition Bcaa Amino Hydrate

The functional beverage Applied Nutrition revealed in October in BCAA Amino Hydrate and BCAA Amino Hydrate + Energy has officially launched a month and a half later. With the arrival of the product in both versions, we can now share their complete details, including what’s in each of the beverages, what sets them apart, and their selection of flavors.

Applied Nutrition’s pair of BCAA Amino Hydrate drinks feature the same base of BCAAs, each packing a solid 5g of the three all-important BCAAs per slim and sleek, 330ml can. The products are also sugar-free, although where they separate is BCAA Amino Hydrate + Energy has added caffeine at a reasonable 100mg to provide that title-mentioned energy.

When it comes to flavors, Applied Nutrition’s regular or caffeine-free BCAA Amino Hydrate beverage has Strawberry Soda and Orange Burst. BCAA Amino Hydrate + Energy has those same two tastes, as well as two more in Cloudy Lemonade and Apple & Elderflower. No matter which flavor or version you grab, they all have a low 26 calories from the aminos.

Those of you in the UK and Europe can already purchase BCAA Amino Hydrate in its regular and energized options directly from Applied Nutrition’s online store at £14.99 (20.23 USD) for a box of half a dozen cans.