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Atlhetica gives Hyper Mass about a 1:11 protein to carbohydrate ratio

Atlhetica Nutrition Hyper Mass

Atlhetica Nutrition out of Brazil has done a bit more than announce its functional coffee series this month in Smart Coffee; it’s also released an absolutely calorie-loaded mass gainer. The supplement is named “Hiper Mass” which is Portuguese for “Hyper Mass”, and it is so high in carbohydrates you could arguably call it a carb product with a touch of protein.

Hyper Mass from Atlhetica Nutrition has a hefty 134g of carbohydrates per serving and only 12g of protein with 11g of fat and 683 calories. While that amount of carbs isn’t unheard of, we’ve never seen it next to such a small amount of protein. Basically, if you want to scale the product to get even just 40g of protein, that’ll bump you up to 446g of carbs and 2,276 calories.

The balance Atlhetica Nutrition has put on Hyper Mass is something quite different, and the ingredients behind the supplement are very simple with maltodextrin for the carbohydrates, whey concentrate for the protein, and cocoa powder. The carb-loaded mass gainer is out now in the brand’s home country of Brazil in Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, in 5.5lb bags.