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Black Magic’s plant protein arrives and is powered by multiple sources of protein

Black Magic Vegan Protein

Black Magic has officially released its third protein supplement this week, as the reputable brand promised when it shared the first look at the product last week. The key difference with Black Magic’s newest entry in the world of protein is in the title, 100% Vegan Protein. It is indeed a plant-based protein powder, unlike the brand’s simply-named Black Magic Protein powered by whey, egg, and casein.

With the launch of Black Magic Vegan Protein has come all of its specific details, which we didn’t get in that initial preview. Firstly we’ll touch on the nutrition profile of the supplement, which is as lean as we expected. The macros start with the usual plant-based amount of 20g of protein per serving, alongside a low 2g of fat, another 2g of carbohydrates with only half of that sugar at 1g, and a calorie count of 110.

The next important piece of information worth sharing for Black Magic’s plant-based protein powder is its list of protein sources, as that solid 20g of protein doesn’t just come from one. The brand has brought together a diverse variety to provide that 20g per serving, including pea isolate, brown rice, fava bean, and mung bean, and to top it off, Black Magic naturally sweetens the product with stevia.

Black Magic Vegan Protein is available now through its online store, where you have two flavors to choose from in Chocolate Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream, and it’s actually cheaper than the brand’s other protein powder, Black Magic Whey, at $39.99. You do, however, get a lot less protein per tub, as while Black Magic’s Vegan Protein has the same total of 25 servings, it also has 4g less protein a serving.