Month old RAZE Flapjacks gets its first-ever flavor extension in Blueberry

Nov 17th, 2021
Blueberry Flapjack Raze Flapjacks

While it was only about a week ago we saw a new flavor from the team at REPP Sports for its functional food spin-off of RAZE in RAZE Cakes, the brand is already back with yet another fun and exciting flavor extension. That new addition to the menu of RAZE Cakes was a limited edition, Christmas-themed Gingerbread Cookie, although the flavor we have this week is not seasonally linked, just a tasty new option.

REPP Sports has put together a sweet and fruity recipe called Blueberry Flapjack, but it’s not for the mug cake mix RAZE Cakes. Blueberry Flapjack is the first-ever flavor extension for RAZE’s other functional baking mix in RAZE Flapjacks, a powder to make delicious, high-protein pancakes and waffles. The Blueberry RAZE Flapjacks is going live today through the REPP website at the product’s usual price of $19.99.