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REPP and RAZE put together another seasonal RAZE Cakes this time for Christmas

Gingerbread Cookie Raze Cakes

To go with the Fall season, REPP Sports and its energy drink brand RAZE, released a special edition Fall-themed flavor of its high-protein baking mix RAZE Cakes. The flavor was, of course, Pumpkin Pie, which, combined with the brand’s mug cake baking powder, gave fans the ability to make their own tasty cakes packing 12g of protein with 180 calories and full of pumpkin flavor.

With Christmas right around the corner, REPP Sports and RAZE are at it again, putting together another special edition flavor of RAZE Cakes, and this time it’s all about the season of giving. The brand has taken the classic holiday treat, gingerbread, and turned it into a flavor of the protein-packed mug cake baking mix with a limited-edition Gingerbread Cookie RAZE Cakes.

REPP Sports is launching its special Christmas edition Gingerbread Cookie RAZE Cakes through its online store tomorrow in the usual full-size bag of six servings priced at $19.99.