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Bombbar drops a second energy drink combining caffeine and BCAAs

Bombbar Bcaa Drink

Bombbar and the beverage category are back in the headlines this week, following the Russian brand’s launch of its new energy drink flavors, Cola and Pomegranate. This time around, the development is not in regards to its energy-enhancing beverage, or at least the one that debuted six months ago; it is in relation to an entirely new Bombbar energy drink.

There is now a second caffeinated beverage from Bombbar called BCAA Drink, featuring, of course, a good amount of BCAAs to support recovery, with 5g of them in its slim and sleek 330ml can. Alongside those aminos is a blend of B vitamins, and as mentioned, the product is caffeinated, with about 130mg of the reliable stimulant to increase and enhance energy.

Bombbar’s BCAA Drink has almost the same amount of caffeine as its original energy drink, although the big focus on this one is in its title, with those recovery-supporting BCAAs. The all-new beverage is marginally cheaper than Bombbar Energy at 115₽ (1.61 USD) each, but there is only one flavor at the moment named Original with no sugar and 16 calories.