Bombbar releases a second ice cream cone snack that’s purely about low calories

Nov 15th, 2021
Bombbar Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup

The nominee for Functional Brand Of The Year, Bombbar, has put together another all-new product to strengthen its case to win that award for the second year. The creative Russian brand’s latest creation is sort of an alternative to something it dropped three months ago in Protein Ice Cream Cup, which has now been followed by Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup.

Bombbar’s Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup has the same build as Protein Ice Cream Cup, putting tasty and creamy ice cream into a small edible cup. The key difference between the two is Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup is focused more on giving you a similarly sized ice cream treat that’s low in calories, whereas Protein Ice Cream Cup is low calorie and high in protein.

A single Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup tips the scales at 80g each, 10g lighter than Protein Ice Cream Cup, although its calories slide just under 100 at 99, as opposed to 173 to 177. You get half the amount of protein in Bombbar’s second compact ice cream snack at 7g, alongside 3g of fat, 9g of carbohydrates, and like most of its edible products, it has no sugar.

Bombbar’s Low Calorie Ice Cream Cup is available through its website for the same price per piece as Protein Ice Cream Cup at 270₽ (3.74 USD) for a pack of three. The selection of flavors for the new product is not the same as the high-protein ice cream with three to choose from to start in a traditional Chocolate and Vanilla, and something more exotic in Pistachio.

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