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Exciting changes coming to OP3 Whey in 2022 including seven new flavors

Chemical Warfare Protein Powder Revamp

Over the past year, UK brand Chemical Warfare has reformulated and rebranded several of its supplements and has just announced its protein powder OP3 Whey is getting the same treatment. Looking at the preview of the product above, it appears to maintain its original formula with 25g of protein per serving from three separate sources combined with DigeZyme to support and improve digestion.

The branding of Chemical Warfare’s OP3 Whey protein powder is one of its biggest changes, although there is one more area that’ll be different when the revamp arrives, and it is significant. The brand is taking the opportunity of its OP3 Whey overhaul and massively adding to its menu. Currently, the supplement has five flavors to choose from, which will remain for the update but in addition to several others.

Chemical Warfare has confirmed it is rolling out seven new flavors of OP3 Whey following the arrival of the rebranded version. None of them have been named; however, they are in addition to the current five, so we at least know they’ll be different from any of them. The product is not due to launch until the first month of the New Year, but again, it’ll be a significant drop and seemingly well worth the wait.